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We recommend that you start your home search as soon as possible at Rentola, as several different areas in Global have a high demand for rentals. Use our free Search Agent and receive emails directly when there are new homes in Galway.

The monthly rent for a rental property in Galway is between 3,495 €. and 3,495 €. The average rent per m2 is 3,495 €.

There are 5 vacant rental properties in Galway on the housing list. You can also search our entire catalog with a total of rental properties throughout Global.

Galway is a very pleasant place, where you can find both comfort and dynamic life. There is always something to do, something to see, something to have fun and relax in this city.

Yes of course. If you have everything in order with the relevant documents, such as a visa, you can rent housing in Galway in the same way as residents.