4 bedroom apartment of 12 m² in Capelle aan den IJssel

Jacob van Ruysdaelsingel, 2902 GK, Capelle aan den IJssel

12 m2
4 bedrooms
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25 Jul
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Jacob van Ruysdaelsingel, Capelle aan den IJssel

Minimum huurperiode: 10 maanden

For rent: private bedrooms in a fully furnished and completely accessorized house, with 7 bedrooms, living room and garden. Including weekly cleaning. This co-living community is for young professionals (starters), or students in their last phase (Master), that have the intention to live for a longer term in the Netherlands.
You can apply for a bedroom in this house as an individual, or as a group.
The price mentioned in this advertisement is for 4 bedrooms (in total there are 7 rooms available).
The house is not suitable for party animals.

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Ready to upgrade to your next accommodation? Our co-living house is looking for new tenants!

If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet location to live, but with a lot of facilities and like-minded people around, this house has a lot to offer.
Living in a community of young professionals is a way to avoid paying a high price for a private apartment, and to avoid social isolation, while having the benefits of living a in a relatively big house and meeting like-minded people who are in a similar face of their lives.

Our co-living house, or “shared living community”, combines a private bedroom with communal living facilities: shared kitchen and living room, and a small garden, to enjoy fresh air and the sun.

Each person living in the house has its own private room, perfectly formed for moments of solitude or your own private moments. The bedrooms have a big window that can be opened to keep fresh air coming in.
The bedrooms share the bathrooms. Every week a cleaning professional comes to clean the common area including the bathrooms.

For your social moments, you just enter the living room to find other people that are happy for a talk, watch some Netflix, or cook a meal together.
Live together as you build your career in Rotterdam. Our community will give you a kick start of your professional career in the city.

This neighborhood is known to be family-friendly and has attracted a lot of young people; the average age being between 25 and 44 years old.
The surroundings of the house are very green and peaceful and offer a lot of open space, green areas and water.
The house is easily reachable and has a lot of facilities like restaurants, shops and a supermarket within walking distance. With the house located a few minutes’ walk from metro line C, you will benefit from a short commute to the heart of Rotterdam.

For those owning a car: the house has a private parking spot, and there is enough parking space in the surrounding neighborhood as well.


A 3D tour of the house can be found on the website of Matterport, copy-paste this URL: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=u18EePUaqkf (it works on mobile too).

There are 7 bedrooms available:
- Individual: You can rent 1 bedroom, or multiple bedrooms, if you want to have more private rooms.
- Groups: You can also rent several bedrooms.
Couples: Couples (partners) can apply too, but as a couple, you are required to take 2 rooms. In your 2nd room, you can make e.g. your private living room. It is not allowed to take 1 room as 1 couple, because officially there can be only 1 person per 1 bedroom.


The housemates in this house live as a co-living community, or in Dutch "huishouden". This means that the housemates are looking for:
- in short: we like to live as a group of friends together, almost like a family. Think of the TV-serie "Friends".
- that means, we look for someone that:
- has the intention to live for a longer term in this house, not just a few months: we like to make a friendly relationship with the housemates.
- we like to have dinners each other (not every day, but regularly, like in a family).
- we like to do regularly social activities together with the housemates, like visiting a museum, watching a movie, etc.
- we have 1 bank account with the house, for the shared expenses. We use the bank Bunq which has a great mobile app for shared houses. We will ask you to contribute on this bank account too, for expenses like salt, pepper, cleaning liquids, etc.
- this does not mean that we cuddle every night with the housemates on the couch. The things that we want to avoid is distancing: we want to avoid individualistic people who have completely separated lives and have no idea about their other housemates. We like our privacy too, and we have our jobs, and our own friends, but we also like the house community; just like in a family: brothers & sisters living together but also having their own lives & own privacy.

Lay-out of the house:
- Ground floor: Shared toilet, shared living room, shared kitchen and shared garden (for all).
- section A: ground floor. 2 bedrooms.
- section B: 1st floor: 3 bed rooms. 2 bathrooms.
- section C: 2nd floor: 2 bedrooms.


- in the Netherlands, public transport is in good condition: the connections are great, the reach is far, and the transport is safe.
On top of that, the bike is a very popular way of getting around the city, because it is safe and quick. Using the bike is safe, because basically every car road, has a separate bike road "fietspad". Just google for yourself "fietspad", and you can see the images of a Dutch bike road. A car is hardly used by students, and working people are also using their cars less and less. Even the Dutch prime minster goes by bike to his work! (you can google the images of that too :-)
- Supermarkets: Albert Heijn (350 meters), Aldi (800 meters).
- Sportclub: Anytime Fitness (300 meters).
- Offices at Brainpark area: 26 by bike, 23 by public transport (metro, direct connection)
- Erasmus University Rotterdam: 24 min by bike, 23 min by public transport (metro, direct connection).
- City Center 'Beurs': 35 min by bike, 23 min by public transport (metro, direct connection).
- Offices on Weena area: 35 min by bike, 32 min by public transport (metro, 1 stop over).
- Central Train Station: 35 min by bike, 32 min by public transport (metro, 1 stop over).
- Erasmus Medical Center MC: 38 min by bike, 24 min by public transport (metro, direct connection).
- Codarts, main building, at street Kruisplein: 33 min by bike, 29 min by public transport (metro, direct connection).
- TU Delft: 1h10m by public transport (metro + train) - researchers working at TU Delft, are welcome to live in this house, although it advised to live closer to city Delft, to save you the long travel every day.
- Park: there are many small parks around the neighborhood. One of the biggest parks in the Rotterdam region is 7 minutes by bike, called "het Schollebos".
- North sea beach: 1h10m by metro (point: Hoek van Holland Haven).
- Check for other distances: Google Maps: enter: 2903 GA Capelle aan den IJssel, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Please note: this neighborhood is a residential neighborhood: your neighbors will be families, so it's a quiet neighborhood. Furthermore, please note that the metro/bus stops operating at 00:30 am. You should take a taxi/uber or the bike back after a night out.
Therefore, it is not the right thing to have parties in the house. Partying you can do in the city center. The house is excellent for people that enjoy a quiet environment and a peaceful life.


The house is fully furnished and has everything you need for comfortable living/working/studying !
Each bedroom has:
- a bed
- a closet for your clothes
- a bookshelf for your books
- a mirror
- a desk
- a desk chair
- bed sheets
- towels
- bathrobe


- washing machine
- dryer
- iron and iron board
- fast wifi internet (300down/40up, according to the provider Ziggo, potentially this is a little lower)
- living room, with: TV, couch, chair, dining table
- kitchen, which is in a corner of the living room.
- the kitchen has a microwave, fridge, freezer, oven, stove, dishwasher, pans, cutlery, plates, cups, glasses.
- cleaning essentials: vacuum cleaner, bucket, floor brush, etc. (excluding: soaps/liquids and small cleaning material like a sponge and a cloth need to be bought by the tenant).
- weekly cleaning: a cleaning person comes every week to clean the common areas (kitchen, living room, toilet, bathroom).
- smoking is not allowed inside the accommodation; smoking is allowed in the garden outside.
- garden: there is a backyard garden with a table + chairs.
- bike park: you can park your bike in front of the house on the private patio.
- car park: Parking is for free in this neighborhood. There is 1 parking spot right in front of the house that belongs to the house; and around the corner, there is an outdoor parking area for the neighborhood.


- Certified heating systems (annually checked)
- 100% secure with regard to fire safety regulations
- Certified smoke alarm systems, gas alarm, and fire extinguishers available (annually checked).


For the sake of clarity and to avoid misunderstanding, hereby a list of all the costs involved in renting this house.
Please note, it looks a lot, but all other apartments in Rotterdam will have more or less the same costs. I just want to be transparent on the costs:

1. Monthly rent. Price: see mentioned in the advertisement.
2. One-time service fee HousingAnywhere: this price you can see in this advertisement. This fee is for using this website.
3. One-time administration fee: the agency charged 160 euros for the bed inventory package (see explained below). In this advertisement, it is referred to as "administration fee".
4. One-time deposit: The deposit is refundable: when you leave the house at the contract ending date, and you didn’t break or ruin anything, it will be given back to you. The price of the deposit is mentioned in this advertisement.
5. Yearly municipality taxes: water tax and garbage tax. In Rotterdam, if you rent an apartment/house, a tenant pays taxes for the garbage collection, and for the water usage.
- every tenant receives these tax bills in Rotterdam, no matter where you rent an apartment.
- the municipality will send you a bill, with instructions on how to pay it. Paying goes by internet through a portal of the municipality.
- the 2 taxes are in total a sum of around 400 Euros for the total apartment per year.
- the taxes you pay 1x per year (each year around March).
6. Move out: at moving out, a cleaning fee of 90 euros is charged for cleaning the house.
7. Monthly gas: Gas is included in the rent. It is based on "fair use policy": if the gas consumption is higher than what is normal for a household, living in the same house, there will be a surcharge on the rent for the extreme usage of gas. If you use gas like normal, meaning that is is equal to the average usage of the same type of household, there won't be any surcharge.
8. Electricity: included in the rent
9. Water: included in the rent
10. Internet: included in the rent


- Registration is possible. You can register your name at this address at the municipality.


When applying for this house, please tell me a bit about:
1. your nationality
2. your age
3. your hobbies (free time activities)
4. your field of study
5a. your university / education (only last phase students (master students) are accepted in this house.
5b or, your employer

PLEASE NOTE: Your application for this house will only be read, if you answer these 5 questions.
I would like to know the answers to these questions, to see if you are the right fit for this house.


It is the policy of this website HousingAnywhere that people cannot do viewing. However, we understand you also want to get an idea of how your future accommodation looks like. Therefore, we did our very best and invested in extra media materials to give you a good impression of the house. Inside this advertisement you will find:
- photos
- a video
- a floor plan/map
- a 3D tour: this tour is exactly like walking through the house. See the link inside the advertisement.
- last, we suggest to check out Google Street view, to "walk" through the street to get an idea of the neighborhood.


I as the house owner (Niels) will deal with accepting your booking on this website. After the booking is confirmed, I will hand you over to a professional property management company. This company deals with your contracts, check-in, check-out, keys, and future requests for maintenances of the house, etc etc.
The property management company gives every new tenant a Bed Inventory Package. This consists of:
1. a new pillow.
2. a new comforter (American English), or doona (Australian English), or continental quilt/duvet (British English).
3. a new mattress cover/protector.
The costs for this are a one-time fee of EUR 160 per tenant. In this advertisement, it is referred to as "administration fee". It is mandatory to buy this package. These 3 items will become your ownership, so you can take them home if you like. (If not, it will be donated to the Salvation Army by the property management company). This fee also includes a small admin fee for the use of their service app where you can easily put in any issue relating to your house (for example: broken doorknob or a leakage) and have these issues fixed by one of their Contractors.

The previous tenant will leave behind a washed pillow sheet (cover), blanket (cover) for your comforter, mattress sheet (cover), bathrobe, and 3 towels (all will be washed). In case you prefer your own covers, you can bring them yourself. Or you can buy new ones, at the webshop of IKEA for example.


- After receiving your booking on this website of HousingAnywhere, I will forward you to a property management company. This company will arrange a rental contract.
- The contract is for 1 year.
- The contract starts in August.
- The contract will be until 25 July next year
- There is a possibility to renew.

Deposit & rent:
- Payments are by bank transfer (no cash).
- Rental payments are to be paid every month, on the 1st of the month.
- Deposit is 1350 euros per person/bedroom.
--- The deposit can be lowered to 600 euros per bedroom; in that scenario, you will be asked to pay your rent for the whole 1 year within 9 months instead of the normal 12 months - thus, in that scenario, you will be paying higher rent in the first 9 months and no rent in the last 3 months).
--- option A deposit: 1350 euros deposit: you pay the rent in 12 months, every month.
--- option B deposit: 600 euros deposit: you pay the rent for 12 months within 9 months. In the last 3 months you pay 0 euros rent.


This accommodation is an inclusive accommodation: people from diverse backgrounds or communities are welcome to live here. Diversity is the basis: all races, genders, gender neutrals, LGBTIQ, religions, non-religions are welcome in this accommodation. If you support diversity and feel comfortable with housemates that support inclusiveness, then join in!

This co-living community is for young professionals (starters), or students in their last phase (Master). The house is not suited for first-year students and/or party animals.

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